Managing images is a delicate balance

Cloud-based image delivery helps you focus on the goal.

Integrating graphics with your entertainment interface requires thoughtful planning to control costs, maintain quality, and prepare for scalable growth. Meet this difficult challenge with confidence when you choose Image Cloud from Tribune Media Services.

  • Robust platform with proven performance serving billions of images
  • Easily constructible URL based on size, image type, and TMS ID
  • Automated server-side sizing of graphics
  • World-class delivery with leading commercial CDN
  • Seamless integration with current and future TMS products

Why choose the TMS Image Cloud?

  • Avoid the commodity costs of server infrastructure
  • Redirect scarce resources to your core competencies and differentiated strengths
  • Rapidly enter and exploit new markets
  • Enjoy design flexibility without image size constraints
  • Minimize latency regardless of user geography
  • Optimize by geographic region for maximum coverage
  • Position for future growth as consumer entertainment tastes evolve
  • Deliver a consistent user experience backed by the TMS performance guarantee