In April 2007, I started a 30 day series on investing for young adults.  The series had 12 parts, not counting the introduction and conclusion, and would eventually take me about six months to finish in its first draft form.  Along the way, I was inspired to create a site for young adults that would help them reach their full potential, realize their dreams, accomplish their goals.  My original mission was personal finance, but I soon expanded the idea to include a lot of other things.  However, I made the mistake of a taking a small, manageable, good idea and turning into a large, overwhelming, great idea.  Problem was, the idea was so great and grand that I didn’t get much done on it.  So finally I decided that I was just going to start.  Put something out there, slowly improve from there.

This site is that first small attempt.  Over the coming months, I hope to improve and build upon this tiny base, but in the meantime, please enjoy what’s here 🙂

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