Insurance brokers in Oshawa focus on providing insurance coverage that covers two of the most important financial commitments we make, our home and vehicle.

Car insurance brokers in Oshawa can obtain multiple quotes from dozens of leading insurance companies. In McDougall Insurance Broker we will go over each coverage option and create a custom insurance package for you. We will be happy to answer any insurance questions that you might have.

The Role of Car Insurance Brokers

Brokers offer insurance options beyond just for your car or house. A broker may offer insurance products such as business insurance, cottage and boat insurance, travel insurance, and more. Insurance customers generally find it easier to work together with an independent broker that can protect all their assets as opposed to working with multiple insurance companies for each item.

There is no law that requires registered brokers to represent insurance buyers. Consumers are free to conduct their own research, contact insurance companies directly, and select insurance products that provide sufficient protection against potential risks. However, many people will prefer to work with brokers.

An Experienced Oshawa car insurance broker will also perform the following duties:

  • Find the best car insurance policies in Oshawa for you by assessing your coverage needs.
  • Compare car insurance quotes in Oshawa from several insurers to get the best insurance policy.
  • Negotiate insurance renewals, claims, or policies for you
  • You can collect premiums and open accounts

Why You Should Hire a Car Insurance Broker in Oshawa

These are some reasons why people who prefer to do it all alone should consider hiring the services of an insurance broker:


Every broker has a different experience in property and auto insurance. The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario is responsible for licensing all brokers in Ontario.

Get affordable car insurance quotes in Oshawa with McDougall Insurance & Financial.

All RIBO-licensed brokers have passed their exams and completed training. Brokers are required to continue their education and meet the annual training requirements in order to keep their insurance licenses.

Brokers may also be awarded other insurance designations, such as Fellow Chartered Insurance Professionals (FCIP), Chartered Insurance Professionals (CIP), or Canadian Accredited Insurance Brokers (CAIB).

They Only Serve Your Interest

An insurance broker represents your interests when you purchase car insurance coverage. These professionals have extensive training and must demonstrate ongoing professional development.

They combine their industry knowledge and extensive experience to help you find the right car insurance products for your needs.

Car Insurance brokers in Oshawa are independent of any party. They can explore and recommend all the best car insurance policies that suit you.

They don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest and can help you navigate the sometimes-confusing insurance industry.

They Can Cater to Your Needs

Insurance companies in Oshawa like other businesses, must earn a profit to survive. Insurers strive to turn a profit by cutting down costs, as well as earning more on their premiums than the claims they pay.

Your insurer will likely raise your auto insurance premiums if you file an accident benefits claim.

In order to protect their business interests, insurers employ a number of agents, underwriters, lawyers, and claim investigators.

As a consumer looking for insurance, it is important to ask yourself whom you will choose to represent your interests against such a powerful force of well-paid, highly skilled professionals. It is you, the insurance broker.

It Saves You Money

Insurance brokers in Oshawa deliver excellent value for your insurance dollar. An insurance broker offers the advantage of scouting car insurance companies in Canada and broker-only markets for you to find insurance that suits your budget and needs.

Meanwhile, agents and direct insurance salespeople won’t allow you to compare insurance quotes. A direct salesperson or agent works only for one company and tries to sell its insurance solutions.

Quality Customer Service

Are you currently in touch with one of your service providers. Let’s take, for example, a bank or a telecom company.

Maybe you have experienced being placed on hold with a repetitive message that tries to convince you that you are a valued customer.

We’ve all been there, even if someone will get back to you eventually, you are not known by the person answering your call. This type of service can make you feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Insurance brokers are completely different. Their personal and prompt service is what we they are known for. They respond promptly and personally to every customer who reaches out about a claim, a query, or an insurance change.